We are thankful to God for helping us this year to maintain the facilities of First Free. To start, I want to give thanks to the facilities team for their help and support through 2020-21 year. Thanks also to Brother Frank for his time and dedication as the church janitor, overseeing many tasks, especially with sanitation considering COVID-19 virus. I would like to recognize the work of everyone and to thank Dan Tallacksen, Deacon of Facilities and his family. For the many hours of his time to assist and the daily tasks plus on keeping us on our budget. I would like to thank our Pastor Jason and his family plus the staff for their support and prayers throughout this difficult year. We would like to thank our Elder board, the Deacons and the congregation as well. I would also like to thank Pastor Oscar and New Beginning Church congregation for their support as well. I, Adolfo Ramirez, personally would like to thank my wife, Aura, and my family, for the support and help during this challenging year.

Here are some of the many projects completed this year:

  • 5237 Building: we prepared the building to be sold but is still ongoing.
  • 5239 Building: we maintained the building for the new apprentices and our custodian. 
  • 5241 Office Building: we replaced the old roof and changed the limestone above the pastor’s office with new stones. We also disinfected and cleaned the offices.
  • 5243 Building: we maintained the house.
  • 5255 Life Center: we cleaned, painted and sealed the metal beams. All the rooms were cleaned and disinfected daily. We also changed the lights and exits. The closets were cleaned out as well. The floors were waxed on all stories of the CFM building and classrooms.
  • 5255 Sanctuary: We were able to remove the plaster from the north side walls of the sanctuary on the second and the third floor, plus from the towers on the north and south and the entrance. We have been cleaning and disinfecting in the building regularly. We were able to paint the window frames on the lower level on the west side of Ashland. In the winter we cleaned the snow off the sidewalks and salted as needed.   

We look forward to future of First Free and the many challenges ahead of us with the help of God and the family of First Free. 

Adolfo Ramirez, Facilities Supervisor
Dan Tallacksen, Deacon of Facilities


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  1. Thank you all. Words can not describe how wonderful you have been in maintain all the facilities, and how truly hard and diligently all of you have worked, particularly with the Covid-19 measures. Bless you and your families.

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